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DXM Release Notes

DXM Release Notes - 17 July 2019

DXM Release Notes
Build 1749, 17 July 2019

Product Improvements

  • Also Applies To
    • Users now have the ability to make changes to additional selected assets easily and intuitively. This enables administrators to safely and rapidly apply changes to groups of content, providing savings in time and effort.
  • WCO Standalone
    • Users will now have direct access into the standalone WCO application within the platform, providing full functionality for WCO within V3.

Other Changes

  • Names of users who have assets locked are now displayed. (OCD-15367)
  • Content Preview States are displayed without console error. (OCD-15356)
  • Code can be inserted correctly into the Code Component within the Drag and Drop experience. (OCD-15327)
  • Selected dates within filter for Fileview now display in Month/Date/Year format. (OCD-12323)
  • Scroll bar has been implemented within WCO Targeting Groups panel, and “Edit Groups” button within WCO Targeting is working as expected. (OCD-15302)
  • Date Range displays as MM/DD/YY. (OCD-15564)
  • Multiple select icons no longer appear through image thumbnail in DAM Panel. (OCD-15514)
  • UI improvements for icons and popovers within DAM Panel. (OCD-15512)
  • Users can now save assets without any value in AutoComplete Box without error. (OCD-15472)
  • Image editing options are readily available when opening an image in Edit mode. (OCD-15246)
  • Image Upload Prompt displays within upload modal correctly. (OCD-15243)
  • Content can be opened with more than one tab. (OCD-14940)
  • Workflow Prompt functionality for “Are you Sure” has been implemented within DXM. (OCD-14661)
  • Scroll Bar has been added to Workflow Filters. (OCD-14315)
  • Test Connection Button works for SFTP Import setups. (OCD-14266) (CN-93420)
  • API methods allow SSRF. (OCD-14019)
  • Preview will no longer timeout when selecting an asset when viewing Output. (OCD-13902)
  • Users can add email to Notifications / Save Import. (OCD-13826) (CN-91437)
  • Optimized loading performance within Properties/Content screen. (OCD-13642)
  • Optimized loading performance for large files. (OCD-13630) (CN-90966)
  • Blank fields within Form will wrap with a note when requiredField is called. (OCD-12184) (CN-81484)
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