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DXM Release Notes

DXM Release Notes - 17 April 2020

Build 12088, 17 April 2020


Assets Search in Infinite Scrolling View 

In this release, we are excited to introduce an enhancement to the Infinite Scroll panel to make searching and finding assets easier. 

We have updated the search function within the Infinite Scroll panel to provide tips for getting better results if a search returns no results. This will help you find the assets you are looking for faster. Searches can be conducted by term or asset IDs. 

The panel will also provide you a link to our CMS Search FAQ found on the Crownpeak Community. (Figure 1) 

Note: This addition applies only to the new Infinite Scroll panel, and not to the File View panel. More information on the Infinite Scroll panel can be found in the Crownpeak Community. 

 Figure 1Figure 1Link: https://community.crownpeak.com/t5/FAQs-for-DXM/tkb-p/dxm_faqs 


DXM Improvements 


  • Users restricted by a flag for WCO tab permission still can access the WCO tab. (OCD-18577)
  • Excessive RenderCache is causing disk issues for some customers. (OCD-18269)
  • Users can retain two Assets with the same name. The issue is addressed by adding an error message to rename the asset before adding it in the same folder. (OCD-17614)
  • CMS user interface becomes unresponsive with multiple WYSIWYG panels open. (OCD-18721)



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