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DXM Release Notes

DXM Release Notes - 16 October 2019

DXM Release Notes
Build 5865, 16 October 2019

DXM Improvements

  1. User Profile Icon displays username and instance in tooltip. (OCD-16587)
  2. CMS successfully recognizes and saves selected dates from the Date Control. (OCD-15749) (CN-100472)
  3. Users logging in for the first time will successfully be directed to land on Home Page. (OCD-15009)
  4. FedAuth authentication/authorization errors provide more detailed information. (OCD-16389)
  5. Correct files are opened when selecting Edit Template of an Asset in the CDC. (OCD-14524) (CN-90529)
  6. Template search functionality returns appropriate results within the CDC. (OCD-4913) (CN-50848)
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