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DXM Release Notes

DXM Health Status Board

Welcome to the DXM Health Status Board. Below you will find status information for each of DXM's services.

The scheduled release tonight has been delayed until next Wednesday, Oct 21st. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Content Management

Services Current Status
CMS Platform ✔︎ Operational
Access API ✔︎ Operational
Publishing ✔︎ Operational


Dynamic Content

Services Current Status
Content API ✔︎ Operational
Search Service (G2) ✔︎ Operational
Realtime Indexing ✔︎ Operational


Personalization (WCO)

Services Current Status
Content Delivery ✔︎ Operational
Forms ✔︎ Operational
Editor User Interface ✔︎ Operational



Services Current Status
Redirect Service ✔︎ Operational
Fed Auth ✔︎ Operational




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