Director of UX
Director of UX

The DXM 2023 Release Schedule

Releases for DXM occur every four weeks with some exceptions. This calendar will be updated as release dates are added or change. Please subscribe to be notified as updates are made.

January 01/25/2023 3.71
February 02/22/2023 3.72
March 03/22/2023 3.73
April 04/19/2023 3.74
May 05/17/2023 3.75
June 06/14/2023 3.76
July 07/12/2023 3.77
August 08/09/2023 3.78
September 09/06/2023 3.79
October 10/04/2023 3.80
November 11/01/2023 3.81
November 11/29/2023 3.82
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God bless you

@AriWeissman  I just logged in after the 3.80 update and found that the Label and Status sorting function no longer works.  It's stuck sorted as ascending which pushed the one folder we use most to the second page.  Every folder we go into now looks completely different, so the muscle memory we've acquired about where to click to do things is gone.  I've opened #128219 to report this issue.

I can confirm that the sorting issue has been resolved.

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