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Permissions needed to rename an asset

What permissions are needed to rename an asset from the right-click menu?

 We have the workflow configured such that users can send assets to retired rather than delete them straight away so the Delete function is not granted to our general user group(s), but Rename is.  Still the Rename option on the menu is greyed out.  Which other permissions do I need to grant in order to have Rename enabled / allowed?



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Crownpeak Employee BeverlyDunn
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Re: Permissions needed to rename an asset

Hi @rwokanov  -- thanks for posting your question in the Crownpeak Community.  I am a member of the Customer Success team and would like to help answer your question with the help of my friend @DavidGreenberg on our support team.

  • Under Properties -> Access  - you will need to set the group to have the right under Edit -> Rename
  • In the group, you need the right 'Users can Rename Files '(change files to folder if they should be able to rename folder). 'Users can Rename Files' needs to be set in the group.
  • This should have a checkmark.

Please test and see if this takes care of what you are looking to do.  

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@BeverlyDunn  and @DavidGreenberg 

Beverly Dunn
Sr. Director - Customer Success

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