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Facebook verification code

I'm having trouble verifying the facebook verification code for some sites that are hosted on CrownPeak. I've uploaded the html file with the code provided by Facebook to a number of locations on the sites and nothing is working.

I get the following error message from facebook:

Verification File Invalid Redirect
We were redirected to another location when we tried to find the Verification File.
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BTW, the learn more isn't helping at all.

I've also tried pasting the meta tag code as well at the top of the index page on the various sites and facebook doesn't verify or recognize that either.

Can anyone help me to fix this problem? We are currently doing a social media campaign for our client and if we don't get verified soon, the campaign will stop.

Please let me know if there's anything you think of that I could try.



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Head of Support
Head of Support

Re: Facebook verification code


I am assuming you are following the instructions here 


If you elect to use the HTML file option, you need to make sure the HTML file publishes to the root of your site.  Further since it is noting Invalid Redirect, there is a redirect in your site that is redirecting that page.  If the file is facebookfile.html it should be accessible by going to  If you cannot access it or it redirects, Facebook cannot use it to verify your site.  Again it must be in the root of the site.  If you need help where to place that, please open a support ticket.


You also mentioned meta tag option.  For that option Facebook should provide you with the metatag and that needs to be placed in the <head> section.  Typically most sites use either a masterpage (.NET) or tag file (JAVA) to output content in the head for your site.  I am guessing that you may not have placed the meta tag in the appropriate location.  If you need help with placing this for your specific website, please open a case with support.  Client templates can vary so it is dependent on your site code and template code to properly place.


You can access the case portal here: if you have registered for case access.



Ken Snyder
VP, Customer Support & Cloud Operations

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