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DXM Developer Knowledge Base

Getting Started with DXM Access API


The DXM Access API is designed to provide direct access to an extensive array of Crownpeak CMS content and features. Here’s what to expect

The benefits of using the Access API include the following:

  • The Access API defines a set of functions that a developer can use to perform requests and receive responses.
  • It’s exposed as RESTful web services, and the APIs support both industry standard JSON & XML formats.
  • It has predictable resource-oriented URLs, performs using the HTTP protocol, and provides a full set of list and query functionality.
  • It simplifies custom application development from outside the CMS instance.
  • It allows external programs to manage assets, configurations, and workflows through a set of public API calls by access controls and rate limiting governors.


Getting Started

Access to the APIs is granted by request. Please contact support to obtain a developer public token (API key) for the instance.

Log into the CMS instance ({instance-name}/v3/) to verify your credentials. Your instance name and credentials (username & password) are also required in the request body to authenticate the APIs. Your credentials and API key should be held in a secure way to avoid exposing them to unauthorized parties.


Using DXM Access APIs

The caller issues an HTTP request, which contains the following elements:

  • An HTTP header that provides authentication and other instructions.
  • A verb, which can be one of GET or POST.
  • An endpoint.
  • The call payload, which is set of input parameters and attributes that you supply with the request.

The Access APIs call returns a result code, internal code, error message, and a response payload.

Read the following sections to get up and running with the DXM Access API:

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