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Problem with URL

We have updated a website for our client that uses CrownPeak and during that process, we acquired a new URL to make the name more relevant to the new content. Our client is responsible for acquiring the URL, which they did. We had asked them to link the new URL to the revised site. Instead of doing it as a "direct" link (my terminology may not be correct here), the client did it as a redirect. You can see the URL is active when you type in the browser window, but then the "address" that your are taken to is the old URL. Is there an easy way to fix this in CrownPeak?

The new URL is called caringforourpets.ca and the old URL is newtickintown.ca

Does it have something to do with the name of the folder that all the files are located in? Can I easily update or modify that name without breaking all the links to all the assets?

Please let me know if you have any insight into this.



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Head of Support
Head of Support

Re: Problem with URL

If the request is to show caringforourpets.ca instead of newtickintown.ca, then the configuration is currently backwards.  I reviewed your current setup and here is what you would need to do the following:

  1. Crownpeak will add the binding for www.caringforourpets.ca to the same site as www.newtickintown.ca
  2. Generate a cert that covers www.caringforyourpets.ca.  A SAN cert that covers both sites would be preferred as it simplifies the cutover, but you can do it with just a cert for www.caringforyourpets.ca.  The cutover would require swapping it out accordingly.
  3. Crownpeak will install the cert and prep for cutover.  Depending on the cert type the changes may or many not need to be coordinated with you.
  4. A redirect would be setup in our redirect service for caringforourpets.ca to www.caringforourpets.ca.  
  5. A redirect would be setup in our redirect service for www.newtickintown.ca to www.caringforourpets.ca.
  6. You would then update DNS for www.caringforourpets.ca to a CNAME provicded by Crownpeak.
  7. You would then update DNS for caringforourpets.ca and www.newtickintown.ca to the redirect service.

The end result would be that going to caringforourpets.ca or www.newtickintown.ca would redirect to https://www.caringforourpets.ca.  Going to www.caringforourpets.ca would remain as https://www.caringforourpets.ca.

You can start the process with a ticket to Crownpeak Support.


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