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Crownpeak Employee
Crownpeak Employee

Increase Your Marketing Conversion Rates Using These Tips

Using Progressive Profiling to Increase Lead Generation

Every marketer knows the key to effective sales conversion is qualified leads. The more information marketing can gather prior to the first sales touch, the easier it is to craft relevant pitches that close deals. For years, the humble lead form has been the backbone of generating and qualifying leads. But asking too many questions at once can lead to unreliable data, and result in a lower conversion rate.

The Marketer’s Dilemma

The goal of an inbound marketing lead capture form is to collect information from visitors to potentially convert them into customers, but the formula doesn’t always work.

When marketers ask for too much information, they get:

  • Poor conversion rates
  • Increased bounce rates
  • Inaccurate data

When they ask for too little information, they get:

  • Higher conversion rates
  • Insufficient lead intelligence
  • Longer sales cycles

Enter Progressive Profiling

Progressive Profiling is an inbound marketing approach that enables marketers to progressively gain more knowledge about a prospect each time they perform an action on your website or app.  By continuously collecting information about leads, marketers can create an accurate, holistic picture of a prospect over time, leading to more targeted messaging and a shorter sales cycle.

How Much Personalization is Too Much?

Many marketers say they are hesitant to try profiling and personalization because it seems “creepy.” While the practice has become more widely adopted, the line between insightful and intrusive is not well defined, and depends on everything from industry practice to individual preference. The bottom line is to make sure that all personalization is adding measurable value for the user. Providing the visitor with relevant content based on information you have collected should enhance the web experience, not distract from it.

Here are some tips for improving your conversion rate:

  • Use intelligent forms that remember visitors – auto-fill form fields with information you already have or hide fields they’ve already completed.
  • Offer a valuable exchange for filling out the form. The better the content offer, the more you can ask. Analyst reports, for example, are expensive and sought after so they have a higher value.
  • Make the form straightforward — no clever wording or questions requiring a lengthy response. If you must ask a complex question, use a dropdown menu.
  • Link to a privacy policy to show legitimacy and build trust.
  • Improve readability by making your form easy to scan and free of competing, distractions (consider removing navigation).
  • Design for mobile. Assume your web visitor is using their mobile phone to complete your form – make sure the fields are large enough to click into using a fingertip


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Beverly Dunn
Sr. Director - Customer Success

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