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Crownpeak Employee
Crownpeak Employee

An out-of-date disaster recovery plan is about as useful as an old computer backup!

According to website, Statistica.com, the statistic below shows the ten largest natural disasters by economic damage from 1980 to 2016 (in billion U.S. dollars).  This doesn’t even account for 2017 to current for events like Hurricane Harvey, Hawaiian volcano events, Hurricane Michael and more.  But the results will be similar – disasters are costly in many ways.

[Graph Attached Below]

When my children were little, we had a disaster plan in place should something happen.  We had meeting places, we had an emergency pack, papers were securely stored – thankfully we never needed to use those carefully crafted plans, but we were prepared just in case.  Do you have the same level of preparedness in your organization?  Ensuring you have a plan for how your technology infrastructure will fare in the event of a natural or human induced disaster is important given the vital business systems and functions tied to your websites. Different types of companies need different levels of a disaster recovery plan that ensures their digital experiences are minimally disrupted. 

Crownpeak offers Inter-Regional Disaster Recovery as an additional service. In this configuration, redundant web hosting infrastructure is maintained in two separate AWS Regions, with content replicated between the sites in real-time. In the event of a customer-declared disaster, traffic can be redirected to the secondary AWS Region by Crownpeak IT Operations Staff. When you declare a disaster via our 24-hour reporting channel, we initiate the disaster recovery process. Almost immediately, your website traffic will be routed to one of the back-up sites on another set of servers, outside the disaster area. Once Crownpeak has determined there is no longer a threat and verified that the compromised server is safely back up and running, traffic is rerouted back based on the original configuration. 

If you are interested in discussing your DR strategy to ensure you are covered in the event of an emergency, please set up time with your Customer Success Manager.

Beverly Dunn
Sr. Director - Customer Success

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