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DQM Starters Guide

Understanding Checkpoints in DQM


What are DQM Checkpoints

The Crownpeak Services team coordinates with your administrators to provide an initial setup of the checkpoints that are currently available in your DQM context.

In most cases the DQM Library Checkpoints are used during the initial setup. You may refer to the DQM Library Checkpoints if you need to understand the technical details of how a checkpoint works

Apart from this the DQM checkpoints can also be customized. Administrators can request for changes on how the checkpoints are currently set up while standard users will need an administrators approval.

Changing the behavior of a Checkpoint

To change the behavior, create a new support case and provide the details below:
  • Inform the support team if the change is to be applied to a specific dashboard, set of dashboards or the entire context
    • If applied to a specific dashboard, provide the dashboard name
    • If applied to a set of dashboards, list down the dashboards where the exemption needs to be applied
  • The checkpoint or checkpoints where the changes needs to be applied
    • Kindly provide the checkpoint number and name
  • The details of the changes that needs to be made including the specific code, Examples include:
    • Details of a unique code, if there is a unique code that needs to be considered
    • If there is specific URLs that need to be checked
    • If an additional consideration needs to be added on a checkpoint
  • Examples of the pages or code to be flagged as an issue
    • This will help the team confirm if the checkpoint is working as expected

Restricted Checkpoints

Restricted Checkpoints are checkpoints that are only visible to administrators or users given access to see restricted checkpoints. More details can be found in the article Understanding Restricted Checkpoints

Exemption Requests

Please contact the DQM support team if you wish to make changes to a checkpoint.

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