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Understanding Checkpoints - Restricted Checkpoints

Understanding Restricted Checkpoints

Restricted Checkpoints are checkpoints that are only visible to administrators or users given access to see restricted checkpoints.

Here are some reasons why checkpoints are moved to a restricted view:

  • The checkpoint that an administrator would like to test but not release to standard users yet
  • The checkpoint issues flagged cannot be fixed under the current infrastructure but administrators would like to be aware that they exist
  • The checkpoint is set up as a reference and is not an issue, an alternative to this approach is setting up an Inventory Report

How do I see restricted Checkpoints?

To see restricted checkpoints you will need to scroll to the footer and choose "Public & restricted" to see both the Public and Restricted checkpoints

Restricted Checkpoint toggle

Restricted checkpoints will then appear as part of the checkpoint list as well as the issue count calculations. A blue flag will be displayed to indicate that it is a restricted checkpointRestricted Checkpoint Flag

How can I turn a checkpoint into a restricted checkpoint?

The DQM support team can update the status of a checkpoint from Public to Retricted and vice versa. Please create a support ticket  for this request providing the checkpoint name and number.



  • Benchmarking scores for SEO, Accessibility and Usability take into account both Public and Restricted checkpoints
  • Issue counts apart from Benchmarking scores only take into account what is currently selected under Issue Visibility
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