DQM and Experience Optimization
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DQM Starters Guide

Understanding Checkpoints - DQM Library Checkpoints

DQM Library Checkpoints
This page contains the latest copy of the DQM Library Checkpoints which include best practice checkpoints and additional checkpoints available in our library

Explaining SEO
Search Engine Optimization is a way of looking at improvements that can be done on a website so that it would rank better on a search engine.

Explaining Accessibility
Website Accessibility relates to actions that can be made to a website in order to improve the user experience of someone with a disability who is accessing your website


All data tables should correctly define header rows and column headers
All images should specify an "alt" attribute
All pages should contain a link to cookies policy
All pages should contain an H1 heading
All pages should contain a privacy link
All pages should contain headings
Always capitalize the company name correctly
Broken external links
Broken images
Broken internal links
Combine adjacent links together if they have the same destination
Copyright date should be the current year
Do not artificially create bullet lists
Do not create arrows using >>
Do not create blinking text
Do not disable autocomplete
Do not disable or suppress the ability to zoom
Do not have links without content
Do not have multiple headings with identical text
Do not overuse uppercase formatting
Do not provide text alternatives for decorative images
Do not use "onmousedown" without "onkeydown"
Do not use "onmouseout" without "onblur"
Do not use "onmouseover" without "onfocus"
Do not use "onmouseup" without "onkeyup"
Do not use absolute fixed text
Do not use a down event on a web page
Do not use bold <b> tags to emphasize text
Do not use deprecated tags or attributes
Do not use Flash
Do not use fonts other than [XXX]
Do not use inline styles
Do not use italic <i> tags to emphasize text
Do not use justified text
Do not use meaningless phrases such as "click here" or "more" as entire link text
Do not use meta refresh with a time limit
Do not use pre-ticked boxes in forms
Do not use underlining to highlight text
Do not use unencoded special characters within file or directory names (URLs)
Do not use white space characters to control spacing within a word
EMBED tags must have an associated NOEMBED tag
Graphical form buttons should have "alt" text

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