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DQM Starters Guide

Administrator Controls - System Usage

As an administrator it is possible to see which users have logged into the platform or see which pages have been checked using page checker.

To see system usage, first hover over Admin in the top navigation menu, then click on "System Usage"DQMAdminSysUsage.PNG
From the System Usage page you can choose to see who has logged into the platform for a given month using the left hand drop down, or logins for the past 6 months or last year
Selecting one of these options will download an excel file that shows the date and time a user has logged in during the chosen period
A second tab on the excel file shows the count for visits per user

Page checker usage can also be seen for a given month using the right hand drop down
This includes the date of the scan, the dashboard where page checker was installed from and the page that was scanned
A second tab shows which issues were detected during the scan
Please note that user data is not in the page checker download since this tool can be used without logging into DQMDQMSysUsageReport.PNG



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