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Administrator Controls - Managing Queries

Sometimes there are issues flagged relating to content that a web editor cannot change, potentially due to code restrictions, template or legal documents.
When this occurs, users may submit a query to have the issue removed. The issue can then be approved by any DQM user who is set as an administrator or provided access to Managing Queries

Once submitted, a query can be found under the Query Management awaiting approval.DQMManageQueries.png






 This will take you to the "Admin & Profile Dashboard".

1. Option to switch views between "Pending", "Approved", Rejected" current and historic queries.
2. Filter by dashboard and/or checkpoints to pinpoint the queries associated with your search.
3. Option to approve or reject a submitted query.


Approved  - resulting in the removal of the issue from the overall issue count.

  • Rejected - an explanation may be given and the query speech bubble will be grey out next to issue on the dashboard.

4. Accepted queries can be rejected. However rejected queries cannot be accepted.


  • If a query is approved the page in question will no longer be listed as in issue for the said checkpoint.
  • Exemptions made from approved queries exempt the entire page URL and will no longer list the page as an issue moving forward
  • Request for a general exemption instead if only a unique line of code is to be removed and you would still like the checkpoint to be used on the page.
  • Queries that are submitted are sent to DQM Administrators for approval, the DQM support team does not manage the query management function
  • We recommend that someone within your team has responsibility for managing queries. Timely responses to editors' queries will help to keep them engaged
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