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DQM Release Notes

DQM Release Notes - 16th January 2020

[OCD-17434] - Add proxy support for AEM 6.5.2

We have added proxy support for the DQM AEM connector and have updated the supported AEM version to AEM 6.5.2

[OCD-14309] - Remove "Groups / Website" header above dropdown

We updated the styling of the page titles and removed the website/group label which is now incorporated within the dropdown to clean up the user interface

Heading Update.jpg

[OCD-14311] - Update charts and improve filter function

We have adjusted the spacing and size of the DQM charts as well as removed the gradient background. We have also simplified the chart filters by showing the most common timelines used, selecting a custom timeline is still available from this new dropdown

Charts Update.jpg

[OCD-16146] - Broken image in Page Analyzer for UNKNOWN document types

We have removed a broken image that was being displayed for urls where the document type is not known

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