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DQM Release Notes

DQM Release Notes - 16th August 2018

Feature: New SEO Page for Editors

DQM supports you with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Crownpeak has now launched a new SEO page for content creators/editors to access SEO specific reports and get an overview of your SEO Checkpoints, Level of Compliance, Benchmarking Scores and Broken Links.

Going forward DQM will expand this page to serve both Editors and Managers, providing actionable insights, historical data and guidance to prioritize your work.


Feature: New Navigation Bar for the DQM application
Find your way around the DQM with our simplified Navigation.

Whether you have access to Websites or Groups, you can navigate across the interface with very few clicks.

rtaImage (1).png

Bugfix: Fix for Page Analyzer failing to visualize issues for selected URLs (OCD-9000)
Page Analyzer was experiencing an issue, when visualizing results for certain web pages.

This issue has now been resolved and Page Analyzer should provide full functionality.

Bugfix: Fix for intermittent 403 Error when downloading “Issues per Checkpoint” Reports (OCD-3035)
DQM stores several cookie values when generating reports. In rare cases it was possible that a cookie has poor formatting and therefore failed to be processed by DQM.

This issue has now been resolved and the downloads on the Issues per Checkpoint pages should work without any further issues.

Bugfix: Fix for Analytics Dashboard Current Status and Website Overview showing the wrong date (OCD-8744)
Due to time difference in different regions, the calendar date selections on graphs was misaligned with the actual date. This has been corrected.

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