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The new DQM UI

We are very happy to inform everyone about the soft launch of our new DQM User Interface. Which you can now access through the URL This new interface modernizes the look and feel of the DQM platform. We have taken on board the comments and feedback on further improving and enhancing the interface to make it even easier to use. And we have made strides in improving the overall accessibility of the platform as you manage the quality of websites. For administrators we are also adding additional functionality such as Checkpoint Management and we aim to add more features that will help further customize your experience of DQM.

As part of this launch the Website Insight section has been made available, allowing you to see the issues found in specific websites and learn how to address these issues. It also provides an opportunity to share any feedback and suggestions on how we can continue to develop and improve the new interface.

To learn more about the new DQM UI, see New DQM UI Guide.

Will I need new user rights to access the new DQM UI?

The new DQM UI uses the same user access rights as the current DQM interface. Once you are provided with the new URL you can use your current access to login.

Who can access the new DQM UI?

Clients who currently use a username and password can access the new UI. We are working on access for Clients who use SSO and Resellers, if you fall under this category and wish to learn more about the new UI please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Can I still use DQM if I access the new DQM UI?

The new DQM UI will be in the different URL so you can still use the existing platform

Will changing elements in the new UI affect the existing UI?

Yes, the new UI uses the same set of information as the existing UI so any changes will reflect in both versions of the UI. The new UI introduces a Checkpoint Management page, allowing you to update checkpoint descriptions. Changes made here will also reflect in the existing UI.

Will the new user interface have the same pages as the existing UI?

There will be areas of the new UI that will be familiar to you from the existing UI. However as we introduce new pages and features, you will notice some changes and developments.

Why are some of the features missing in the new UI?

The new UI currently provides the core functionality for analyzing issues for a website but it is a work in progress. Following our Agile development methodology, we actively listen to feedback and will be developing new sections of the UI to improve the overall experience of the platform. New sections will be made available on a regular basis.

Is the new UI complete?

Work in the new UI is still in progress and we are planning to add new features periodically. Having said this, core DQM features such as issue reporting and benchmark scores are already available in the new UI.

We encourage users to see how the redesigned interface improves the DQM experience.

Are we adding more functionality not currently in DQM?

Definitely! One of the main reasons for developing the new UI is to improve on the current DQM experience. As well as the new functionality and enhancement plans we have, there are already some new features available:

  • Checkpoint Descriptions. We understand the need to have a better understanding of DQM checkpoints and exactly what they’re scanning for so we have now incorporated a full description for each library checkpoint. These descriptions will provide details on topics that the checkpoint covers, how to resolve the issues identified, and the importance of doing so.
  • Checkpoint Management. There is now a way for Administrators to manage checkpoints in DQM. The first phase of the functionality allows admins to set the checkpoints’ visibility, priority and summaries and descriptions. There are plans to enhance this functionality and allow further self-serve checkpoint customization in the future.

When will the new UI become default?

The target is that the new UI will be the default experience by Q1 of 2022.

When will the current UI be available until?

There is currently no set end date for the current UI and there will be a transition period to allow time to update users and communications.

Is anything changing behind the scenes?

Apart from redesigning the user interface we are also working towards other initiatives towards improving scanning and adding more functionality towards more accessibility checks, page/website analytics and checkpoint auditing.

How can I send feedback on the new DQM UI?

Feel free to share any comments you have on the new DQM UI through or reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

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