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DQM Checkpoints and Standards

Finding and Fixing Issues - Priority Issues

Priority issues are considered the most important issues and the ones which have the highest impact on your site. Checkpoints that are marked as priority checkpoints (shown with an orange flag next to them) have been agreed with the administrator of your account. 

1. To see the priority issues for a dashboard you need to go to the dashboard you would like to analyze.

The overview of the dashboard will show you in the left box, labelled "Total Issues", the total number of issues found and you can also see the number of priority issues only to the right, labelled "Priority Issues", under the name of the dashboard.

Website OverviewWebsite Overview


2. To see the checkpoints that report the priority issues, go to the top navigation bar and hover over Issues and then choose "by Checkpoint" then select the Priority Only filter.


Click on the shortcut link that shows the number of priority issues under the Change over last 30 days section.

3. This will then show you all the checkpoints that have been considered priority.

Priority IssuesPriority Issues

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