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DQM Checkpoints and Standards

Finding and Fixing Issues - Installing Page Checker

The Page Checker is our live web page testing tool. It allows you to run Crownpeak DQM tests over any web page from your browser.

It's great for using while you create and publish new web pages. Using Page Checker helps you ensure that individual pages comply with your standards before they go live.


Install Instructions:

1. Sign into the Crownpeak DQM platform.

2. Select any site/dashboard.

3. At the top of the page in the middle you should now see an icon that says "Install Page Checker"



4. To simply install this you just have to drag and drop it off to your bookmarks bar.



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  • If you can't see your browser's bookmark toolbar then you need to make it visible. Choose "Bookmarks Toolbar" in View > Toolbars
  • If you can't see the Page Checker installer button then make sure you are in the Website dashboard and not the Analytics dashboard. (Look for the title in the top left just below the navigation bar).
  • Your browser may display a message that a popup window has been blocked. Click on the yellow panel and choose "always allow popups from this site" from the options provided
  • Issues relating to file properties for images (such as size) and PDFs (such as title) cannot be validated within Page Checker. It is therefore important to check these issues in your Crownpeak DQM Website Dashboard when reviewing your website’s performance
It is important that you install the version of Page Checker that comes with your own Website Dashboard as this will be specially configured for your site. If you have multiple sites, you will need to have multiple instances of Page Checker installed.
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