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DQM Checkpoints and Standards

Finding and Fixing Issues - Fix misspellings


Crownpeak DQM will check your web pages for misspellings in based on the platforms available Spelling - Available languages .

Click the SPELLING navigation menu to view a list of all pages containing potential misspellings. You can choose to view misspellings listed by word or by page.

Misspellings by word​

These are ordered by the highest occurrence of a misspelling.

  • Select a word to see what pages it appears on.
  • Click on a page to launch Finding and Fixing Issues - Using the Analyzer and view the misspellings highlighted in the page.
Misspellings by page

These are ordered by worst page first (i.e. the pages with the highest number of misspellings).

  • Select a page to view the misspelled words that occur on it, and the number of times that they occur.
  • Click the 'View this page with misspellings highlighted' link to launch the Analyzer and view the misspellings highlighted in the page.

If you find words that have been misidentified as spelling mistakes, (e.g. product names or industry terms), you can add them to your custom spelling dictionary. This means they will no longer be reported as spelling errors.

  • Here are the steps to Spelling - Adding words to the dictionary
  • If the base language for your website is not in this list then your website will not be spell checked and the spelling menu will not be displayed in your Website Dashboard.
  • Misspellings do not affect your overall error total or website ranking
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