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DQM Checkpoints and Standards

Checkpoints - Title tag should contain the company name


All pages on your site should contain the company name in the html <title> tag.


Affects This helps with your company branding.
Technical Details This checkpoint looks for the company or website name in the <title> tag.  If it's not found, the page will be flagged as an issue.
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My company name is in the Title Tag on every webpage, but the DQM checker flags all my webpages saying that it doesnt have it. Why does this happen?

The checkpoints are written very specifically so for example Company Name in the Title Tag must be set to a specific value. Although you have a company name in the title tag, it most likely has not been coded to the name you have.

For example if you had the following:

<title>Company Name</title>

and the check point was looking for

<title>The Company Name</title>

It will flag that as not including the company name even though it appears obvious it does. This can occur on various checkpoints such as looking for a keyword across multiple languages, each language would have to be accounted for.

I would recommend opening a support ticket so that the checkpoint can be updated to include the name as you have it. It should be a relatively simple change.

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