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DQM Checkpoints and Standards

Checkpoints - Image "alt" text should contain more than one word

Why is this important?

Text alternatives describe what an image is for a user who cannot visually see an image. Using only one word on an image in most cases does not provide enough value or description for that image to the user. As such the information provided is not complete and can be misinterpreted by users.
Additionally from an SEO perspective, an alt attribute can be used by some search engines to tag key words for a given image. Having a more defined description makes the image more targeted to users searching for an image as compared to a single word where there is likely more images matching the word.

How can I resolve this issue?

Describe the alt attribute of an image with more than one word

What topics do this checkpoint affect?

  • Accessibility (WCAG 2 Level A, 1.1.1)
  • SEO

Can you explain how this checkpoint works?

The checkpoint examines the entire HTML source code of a page and reports any <img> elements where the alt attribute consists only of one word.


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