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DQM Checkpoints and Standards

Checkpoints - Copyright date should be the current year

Why is this important?

With websites being able to reach everyone globaly it is recommended to add a copyright logo © or the word copyright followed by the current year in every page of your website. As an organization it informs users that the content within your website is one that the organization owns and have rights to, adding the year indicates that the website is active and not archived. Copyright may expire and while regulation on this differ based on country or region having this information does his helps reduce instances where information on a website is copied or reused in other locations outside your organization.

How can I resolve this issue?

Add a copyright text or logo followed by the current year within every page of your website. We recommend placing this in the footer of your website.

What topics do this checkpoint affect?

  • Legal

Can you explain how this checkpoint works?

This checkpoint looks for a copyright statement on all pages on your website.  If it's not found the page will be flagged.