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Headings should be no longer than [10] words in length

Why is this important?

Short and direct headings make it easier to see the structure of a page. Lengthy page headings and subheadings can be harder to read, especially if they wrap onto the next line.  

Headings provide a guide on what to expect on a page, you can think of headings as a table of content for the page it is used. H1 tags are intended to be a visual identification of the main intended content of a page. As such it is recommended that be easy to read so that users can quickly have an idea of what to expect for the rest of the page. H2 tags usually break up the main sections of the page and succeeding headings further break down large sections under a heading. By keeping Headings short it will make the page easier and quicker to read.

How can I resolve this issue?

Ensure that the number of words within the H1 heading is equal or below the specified number of allowed words.

What topics do this checkpoint affect?

  • Usability

Can you explain how this checkpoint works?

This will count the number of words inside any <h1> heading tag and will flag an issue if it exceeds the recommended number of words. [10] is the standard setting in DQM, this can be modified based on your organizations requirements.

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