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Do not use scripting to remove focus when focus is received

Why is this important?

Certain users may only be able to use a keyboard or a mouse but not a combination of both. When navigating on a page using one of these methods such as a keyboard, there are instances where the focus of where you are in the page is removed by a script. This is sometimes done by developers in instances where the focus is visually unappealing.

How can I resolve this issue?

Remove code or scripts that removes the focus on an HTML element. If focus was removed because the design does not look good when there is a focus, look into creating a design that works for the website rather than hiding the focus.

What topics do this checkpoint affect?

  • Accessibility (See WCAG 2, 2.1.1, 2.1.3, 2.4.7, 3.2.1)

Can you explain how this checkpoint works?

This checkpoint will look for the following HTML Elements:

  • onfocus
  • onmouseout
  • onmouseup

The checkpoint will flag an issue if any of the attributes below are seen on the elements above:

  • hideFocus=true
  • blur()
  • style.outline=null
  • this.hideFocus=true
  • this.blur()


F55: Failure of Success Criteria 2.1.1, 2.4.7, and 3.2.1 due to using script to remove focus when fo...

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