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Do not use a down event on a web page

Why is this important?

Down events on a page such as mousedown, onmousedown or mouseDown() should not be used on a page, instead any action should be tied to the up event. This is because people with various disabilities can inadvertently initiate touch or mouse events with unwanted results. Binding an action to the up event allows  users an opportunity to move away from a button that is half clicked (pushed down) and release next to the button, which means the button is not activated.

How can I resolve this issue?

Use mouse interaction controls when the mouse click is released than on click.

What topics do this checkpoint affect?

  • Accessibility (WCAG 2.1, 2.5.2)

Can you explain how this checkpoint works?

This checkpoint should flag cases where: 
.mousedown, or mouseDown() is used in the sourcecode of the page


Understanding Success Criterion 2.5.2: Pointer Cancellation

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