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I'm new here

"Retrieved Date" in Crownpeak DQM report

Can someone clarify what the column "Retrieved" means in the file that is generated when you download affected issues (xls)? Is that the date that Crownpeak last checked the website for issues?

For example, I have a report and the Retrieved column says "07 Aug 19".

I'm checking for issues today, September 6, 2019 and want to confirm if the issues have been resolved or are still considered violations. 

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Crownpeak Employee
Crownpeak Employee

Re: "Retrieved Date" in Crownpeak DQM report

The Retrieved date is the date we first found the issue.  On some of the checkpoints you can click on the issue and if it's been fixed it will display a message stating it's been resolved.  Some checkpoints require a scan to update the list of issues.  Let me know if you have any follow questions, happy to help.

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