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DG Release Notes

DG Release Notes - Privacy

Deleting notices also deletes their scans in Scan manager -
As we clean up overages and get customers back within reasonable usage we realized a bug that prevented scans from getting deleted in our scan manager. So even though a customer may have deleted scans, we were still scanning them. This has been fixed. 
Allow domains with a 1 letter sub domain -
Sub-domains with a single letter (e.g. were getting rejected within the UI because our URL validation was incorrectly assuming it was an invalid URL. That’s been fixed. 
Deleting UCP Site Notice themes -
Customers that were trying to clean up their “themes” area discovered that deleting themes wasn’t working, so they had to sift through countless themes (some just simple test ones) to get to the right one. This has been fixed and they can now delete a theme. 
Company Admin users -
Customers want to ensure that they have control over who can login and create, update, delete consent notices for their company. Previously this required that they open a support ticket. We’ve now added “Admin” roles to the UI so that a customer can manage their users within the app. 
Options Page/L2 Styling -
Customers want more control over how they customize the look/feel of the “options” screen. We’ve added additional customization options in the setup so that they can better align the design of their consent notices with their brand/style guides. 

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