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DG Release Notes

DG Release Notes - March 2019 - Privacy Release

Privacy Release

L2  Yup, we have added an intermediate dialog in our UCP which provides the next step in allowing our customers to meet their GDPR requirements. In the L2 we have a section for our customers to put in a description of their GDPR compliance and put in a link to their GDPR compliance page.

The L2 is not enabled by default. Our customers will need to set up the L2 theme to match their designs. Then they will need to walk through the domain setup to enable the L2 for the country(
ies) they want to display it in.

So you know, script support is not available for this yet. That is coming later this week or early next week. So even if the L2 is enabled it will not show in production yet. Also, the translations are all in English. We have many of the other languages and are getting them formatted and ready for consumption. Those should be out by the end of the week.

In addition, our customers will need to have a GDPR landing page set up to point to. When you discuss this with your customers make sure you communicate this to them.

Duplicate Ad Notice
We think this is finally fully functional. Our customers should be able to create duplicate notices easily now.
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