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DG Release Notes

DG Release Notes - Legacy Autopop to C#

Why do we care?:
This is important because it takes away an extreme manual process of running the legacy autopop (SN 2.0). This will free up resources from support currently and give them more bandwidth. This also gives automated reporting in slack for instant notification of passes/failures.
Today pipeline team is releasing our re-write of our legacy autopop. This is writing it from old PHP code to .net. This is means legacy autopop can now be scheduled, report to a file and written to Slack. This is setup as a .NET Framework to run locally and .NET Core for Amazon Linux 2 instances. Spenser will run a manual run on September 1st and will be fully scheduled to run on the 3rd of each month automatically for the full previous month.
Work Done:

Big shout out to Spenser Dubois for getting this done. This was one of his first projects since joining and has been killing it.

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