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DG Release Notes

DG Release Notes - 3 July 2018 - ReportManager

FordDirect update to Insert into ScanManager
We have updated FordDirect (a program specifically built for Ford to manage their thousands of domains/domain switches) to automatically insert the domains they want scanned into ScanManager to function more optimally so that it doesn’t have to be done manually. This ensures that Autopop works for them more consistently.

Migration From Domain Manager 1.2 to ReportManager
A console app was created that migrates the reports setup in DomainManager 1.2 to a new ReportManager. This will ensure consistent delivery of reports previously set up by our MCM customers.

In conjunction with the above console app, which changes where these reports are stored, the utility that takes the reports from where they were previously stored in BA and updates to the new location in ScanManager. This allows for reports to find their way to MCM as before.

Created a new API called DGAPI for ReportManager front end in ScanManager for the new reporting tables in the ScanManager DB.

DGAPI Deployment Lanes
Created deployment lanes for the DGAPI API through combination of Docker and Terraform.

Change ReportManager to Use DGAPI
We also made changes to the ScanManager UI that consumes the DGAPI enpoints.

Transition Autopop from PHP to C#
Full rewrite of legacy Autopop from PHP to C#. It now no longer hits the domain tables which are being truncated. All companies were removed from INI files and are now stored in a new table in the DB. Legacy Autopop is no longer hitting the Data Governance APIs, but instead they are hitting the same APIs as SiteNotice Autopop V3.

Backup and Truncate BA
Backed up and truncated BA impacted reporting tables.

Importing in ScanManager
In ReportManager, the ability to import from scan groups in ScanManager was a needed feature for support’s ability to scale large companies with thousands of domains to be scanned and reported on. This function was created, allowing to selectively import through a modal at report group creation, or through a “Sync” button when viewing all report groups.

Service Users in ScanManager Databases
Created service users in ScanManager’s DBs for DGAPI. This allows for auditing where changes in the DB come from.

ScanManager Schema Updates
Added a column to scan groups so we can more easily identify and filter Autopop groups and removed a column from scan targets that was redundant.

Deploy and Push Everything
Keep track of all of the above to ensure smooth deployment and as little downtime as possible.


The former 1.2 DomainManager UI was slow, and very easy to accidentally and permanently delete data. The new ReportManager works with .NET CORE on Linux boxes, which will save on costs. The UI is also now in Angular, which is quicker and less prone to error. In summation, members in support, and anyone else setting up domains for MCM, will have a greatly improved quality of life and work consistency.

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