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Crownpeak (Retired)

What are the key differences between the legacy Site Notice and the Universal Consent Platform?

Legacy Site Notice 

  1. One country
  2. One language
  3. Limitations on customizations
  4. Generates JS snippet that has identifiers related to the notice 
    1. CID - Company Identifier
    2. PID - Personal Identifer (notice id)

Universal Consent Platform

  1. One JS snippet to rule all sites 
  2. One CID 
  3. No PIDs related to notices 
  4. More customization for brands 
  5. Can add multiple countries/languages for one notice 
  6. GDPR 
  7. CCPA
  8. Themes and Templates that can be used across the company 
  9. API to spin up custom-branded notices 
  10. API to create new notices