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Wrapping Tags in Prior Consent in UCP Script

The Privacy UCP tag comes with a prior consent callback function to wrap vendors and tags in, so that they do not drop onto a page until the user has interacted with the notice to allow it.  

Here is an example of how it works:

1.  Using a tracking tool like Ghostery, open the page above.
2.  Observe the Evidon tag on the page in the tracking tool. 

Prior consent demo - tags shown Before clicking Accept

3.  Click Accept, and then check the tracking tool, and you should see Amazon and Yahoo have dropped on the page. 

Prior consent demo - tags shown After clicking Accept

Below is a snippet of where the prior consent callback is in the UCP tag, and an example of how to wrap a tag in it:

This shows Amazon and Yahoo appended in the prior consent callback function.
Prior Consent function in UCP script

We do integrate with Google Tag Manager and Tealium to control prior consent as well.  You can find info on that here:

UCP Google Tag Manager Document (GTM Prior Consent Instructions)
Universal Consent Platform - Tealium Integration

Attached to this article is an example of the full UCP script.  

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