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What is Site Notice?

Site Notice helps build trust with users and comply with privacy regulations, by providing your online visitors full disclosure and control of the parties that may be collecting their data. 

In an age where online privacy and security are a growing concern, consumers are becoming more aware that with every click, they are being tracked and marketed to based on the web pages they visit and the actions they perform.  

Site Notice gives companies an invaluable opportunity to strengthen their relationship with customers by showing a respect for their personal data preferences, while also complying with a broad set of global regulations that govern user privacy.  

Here’s how it works: 
The solution features easy-to-install, customizable banners that provide visitors with a complete list of all the vendors on your website or app with access to their data. It also gives users granular control over who exactly, can track their behavior.  
How do these vendors get on your website in the first place? 
There are a ton of technologies out there that companies use to run campaigns, measure their outcomes, and collect metrics. These technologies are powered by vendor tags that are added to websites, in large part so that the behavior of the people who visit these websites can be tracked.  

In many cases, these vendor tags give other vendors access to your user data as well, usually to help fulfill a service you’ve contracted them to perform. But with each tag that is added, more parties gain access to your user data.  

While this tracking can provide tremendous value to marketers, they can also cause security issues, damage brand trust, not to mention violate privacy laws.  

Site Notice ensures compliance, and promotes user transparency.  

Note: Site Notice is similar to the GDPR Consent Solution, but it has fewer features. It is an earlier iteration of the GDPR Consent Solution. For companies interested in a GDPR solution, Site Notice is not enough. In this case, you want to talk about the GDPR Consent Solution.    

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