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What is Critical Path Monitoring?

Critical Path Monitoring helps improve the customer experience and conversion rates along high-value pages of your website  

With today’s customers conducting most of their research, shopping, and transactions online, your website plays a vital role in helping generate revenue for your company. It’s also the hub of most your digital marketing programs.  

Our Critical Path Monitoring solution aims to uncover any issues on your site that may be hurting conversion rates or impeding your marketing initiatives.  

Here’s how it works:

Think about the steps involved in online shopping. You find a product you like, add it to your shopping cart, and then you go through the checkout process.  This is a business-critical, revenue-generating micro-moment.  

With Critical Path Monitoring, you identify a path along the customer journey that’s important to your business and the monitoring solution interacts through the same sequence of pages in the way a real user would to reveal issues that have a negative impact on the experience. For example, a mixed content warning which could signal poor site security or failing tags that slow down pages may cause a customer to leave your site mid-transaction.


Active Monitoring can help: 

  • Reduce bounce rate 

  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment rates 

  • Increase revenue 

  • Improve the user experience 

  • Improve your marketing ROI 


Some examples of how tags can impede your marketing campaigns:  

  • Tags that misfire result in inaccurate analytics reporting, which can affect measurement of the ROI from your marketing spend 

  • A missing (or misfiring tag) may prevent your retargeting campaigns from reaching a valuable segment of your audience 

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