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Upcoming SN3 Changes

Change the first: UCP L2

We are enabling the UCP L2, which is the dialog box that comes up from the Options button in the Stewey's demo. This will allow our users to provide some better GDPR messaging as well as adding a link to their internal GDPR policy page where users can request to exercise their data rights (right to be forgotten, data portability, etc.);

This is an optional thing which customers need to enable in the site notice settings so it isn't going to just start showing up for customers. But, you will want to prepare to have discussions with them around this because the ones setting up for GDPR are going to want to enable this, which means they will need to review the language, get a link to their stuff ready, etc. We have default language for the L2 but customers are able to provide their own and we have the settings in place to change the translations as well as fully customize the dialog experience look and feel.

The UI for this is going through final testing now and should be released next Tuesday/Wednesday. The script support for this will follow within a week.

Change the second: GDPR-specific Banner Messaging

We are going to be adding in the ability to provide different messaging on the banner if prior consent is required vs non-consent. This isn't ready in the UI yet, but you should make your customers aware of this so they understand this is coming and they can choose to take advantage of it.

Change the third: New Default Messaging

We have received feedback around our default messaging not being adequate. We have come up with different default messaging (with some feedback) which will hopefully address some of those concerns. Once this is ready we will let you know and will need you to reach out to any customers using the default banner messaging and ask if they want to change to the new messaging. We won't force this on them, but if they want to change we will do that for them. This will probably be ready in production by the middle of next week and we'll get you the new messaging so you can send it to them, or set up an example site where they can review it.

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