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Consent Solutions Knowledge Base

Universal Consent Platform Glossary



Autopop is a monthly scan that can discover the vendors that are present on your website. This feature then automatically populates and update the vendors that are disclosed in your consent notices.


A string of code placed and stored on a device, such as a computer’s desktop browser, that serves to perform a specific task or set of tasks (the great majority of cookies need a tag to exist first, which is not applicable vice versa).


Essential technologies 


Technologies that are required for your website to function.

Notice template


A template for consent settings (or, how consent is configured to work).

Options Dialog


A secondary window where your website visitors can access additional consent options and privacy information. The options dialog is customizable and usually accessed when your visitor clicks the “options” button on a consent notice.



A template for the design of a consent notice.


Tags are javascript code that execute (i.e. runs) in the browser. Tags drop cookies.



Vendors are technology providers that use web tags and cookies to provide their service.