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SiteNotice 1.2 BA table(1a of 2a)

BA walkthrough


Tables described in this article:

pub_notice 1.2


The pub_notice table contains the notice configuration of a 1.2 Site Notice and it is the main hub of ‘primary key’ columns for a 1.2 notice.

The SiteNotice table provides the same functionality for 2.0 and above.


Table: pub_notice   (78 Columns)


Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 6.13.02 PM.png

Searches can be done on the pub_notice table through a multitude of other tables.(shown above - first 5 columns)



select * from pub_notice as p left outer join company as c on c.company_id = p.pn_company_id where p.pn_company_id = 242



All pub_notice rows contained under the account id for Evidon

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