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Site Notice 2.0: Vendors - All Notice Types

Vendors - All Notice Types

Create a list of Vendors who store or access information via your website(s). 

The list you see under Third Party Vendors comes from a scan that happened once entered your domains in Step 2. Sectioned out by Category (Essential, Advertising, Analytics & Customization) the page populates with any third-party vendor(s) found, including Vendor Name, Purpose and Consent Status (Direct, Indirect, None).
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Roll over the blue link icon associated with any third party vendor to see the link and a trashcan icon to delete. Click the link icon to open the Opt-out notice or page the Opt-out is on.  
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At the top of the list, Essential cookies can be populated. To add a cookie, click the Add Entry button. Fill in the Name and Purpose, then press Add
Essential means any tag that is essential for the page to function as intended. 

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To add cookies to the Advertising and Analytics & Customization categories, do the same thing - click Add Entry. 
Advertising means any tag used for advertising purposes. 
Analytics & Customization means any tag gathering and/or providing analytics data. 

Note: Consent Status displays Opt-out Types. Direct: a viewer can opt-out directly from the Vendor's consent notice. Indirect: a viewer must click a button or link to opt-out.


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