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Site Notice 2.0: Settings - All Notice Types

Settings - All Notice Types

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In Step 2, you must name your new notice and add a domain(s) you want the Notice to appear on (both of these are required fields). 

Name: Create a unique name to help manage your notice, as it is the easiest way to search for and find this notice in the future. 

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Domains: Where is this notice displaying? 
Click inside the text field and begin by typing 'www' (the prefix [http://] auto-populates), then a domain (yoursite.com). Click the green plus sign to add the domain to the list below. Continue until you have added all domains where your notice is to display. 

When you press Next, a scanner begins to look for all vendor tags on your domain or list of domains.

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If you would like to delete an unwanted domain, roll over the domain in the list. Click the trash can icon.

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Please Note: Site Encoding (defaults to UTF-8) typically does not need to be adjusted. UTF-8 is well supported in most languages. ISO supports primarily Asian languages. Come back here if the translation does not appear correctly once implemented. 
Optimize notice for mobile devices (defaults to 'on') also does not typically need to be altered. 
If you have further questions regarding these settings, please contact your CSM. 

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