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Site Notice 2.0: Overlay - All Notice Types

Overlay - All Notice Types

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Configure the Opt-Out overlay, which is the same for all Notice types. 

The left-side of the screen provides the tools to configure. The right-side previews exactly what the overlay looks like. 

Header Text/Font
You have the option to change the text of the Header. It defaults to 'Interest Based Advertising Policies', which is standard US-based verbiage (the language changes depending on the language you chose for the notice), but you can edit it to read however you'd like (there is a character limit).
You can change the size of the Header Font. Click the dropdown to choose from 16-18pt. 

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Company Logo and Policy Language
Click Change to add your company logo. Note: You have to upload an image in order to proceed past this step. 

The text on the right is a default privacy statement, provided to you as an example. This is an editable text field (character-limit applies). 
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Button & Link Colors / Footer Links 
The arrows in the image below show you what you have visual control over. 
Click Button to choose a color for the 2 buttons at the bottom of the Opt-Out overlay window. 

Click Link to change the color of the text of the 4 links. 
Click out of any of the checkboxes next to the 4 links to hide them in the Opt-Out. 

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