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Site Notice 2.0: Notice Type - All Notice Types

Notice Type - All Notice Types

Click New Site Notice

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The system shows you the steps to creating a notice at the top of the page. Blue indicates your location in the process. These change slightly as you click on the difference notice types. 

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Select a Country & Language. You cannot proceed without completing this. Please note that based on your selected country, you may be required to use a specific Notice Type.

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Select a Notice Type
This is one of, if not the most important steps in the process. 
There are 5 types of Notices:

  1. Link - Serves an opt-out overlay, showing which vendors are targeting content to consumers on your site. Best practice has you keep the AdChoices icon, enabling compliance with US Self-Regulatory Principles. Mostly used by U.S. brands.
  2. Link with Implied - Consists of two elements, link and banner. Implied consent is identified with the use of the banner. Typically used in US & CAN.
  3. Persistent - The floating button anchors to one corner of the page, linking consumers to the cookie consent tool. This choice is widely used in the EU, as Regulations dictate the ability to exercise a choice to provide or withdraw consent at any time.
  4. Persistent with Implied - Consists of two elements, floating button and banner. Ensures your compliance in most EU countries.
  5. Explicit - Overlays a transparent black box over the entire webpage, along with a button to agree. If you don’t agree, you close the browser. Additionally, there is a floating button notice. This is the strictest implementation of notice and consent for countries such as Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, France.

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The images next to each Type gives you a basic visual of what the Notice looks like on a webpage. 
Read through each description to get an understanding of what they look like and how they work. 


Click here to see Preview of each type of Notice.

Click on the image associated with the desired Notice. A green checkmark indicates it has been selected. Press Next to go to the next step. Continue through all steps. The saved Notice shows up in the Site Notice list on the interface homepage. 

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