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Site Notice 2.0: Barrier - Explicit Notice Type

Barrier - Explicit Notice Type

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Customize the black barrier surrounding your notice and set some use rules. 

Use the slider to adjust the Background Opacity (transparency). You'll see the background color change in the notice preview to the right. 

You can Allow Background Click to act as giving consent. This means a site visitor can click anywhere on the webpage, not just on the "Agree" button in the notice. 

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Under Cookie NoticeReload page after agreement is the only option that defaults to 'on'. It's a good idea to keep this, as it allows all cookies and scripts to load. 

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If you check Store Cookies On Sub-Domain, it means every Sub-Domain will have its own cookie. So, the site visitors will see the banner every time they first visit a Sub-Domain on your site, but not after. If you disable this option, it means each Sub-Domain will use the same cookie as the main domain.

Clicking Include Cookie Notice Language and URL inserts additional text into the notice (it appears in notice preview to the right). 
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You need to input a Cookie Notice URL. This URL needs to link to your company Cookie Consent page. In the notice, "Cookie Consent" with the AdChoices icon becomes the active link. 

The interface provides a visual of the notice while in edit mode. You can edit all of the text fields, including the Cookie Notice (if selected). Pay attention to the character limits for each.

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Click the Preview button to see exactly how the notice will look on your site. Click Editing to go back to edit mode. 

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