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Privacy UI and Script Updates

For web and UI updates:

This gives users the ability to edit text for “Withdraw consent” and “Manage Global” preferences. Previously not editable.

Added a freeform comment field on the data access screens.

Gives users the ability to create a new “category” or “grouping” for vendor categories. Customers can add a description to a bucket. Vendors can be assigned to multiple buckets.

Allows customer to style “Cookies are disabled” alert in the UI. Also includes a UI so customers can preview the text.

This fixes a issues where customer changes the domain of an already created site notice, the scan groups do not update to reflect those changes. This puts checks in place to look for changes and create new scan groups if needed. This will also delete old scan groups from previous domains.

This gives us the ability to customize the close button which until now was not an available option.

Script Updates:

Added class to our mobile link element

Make “consentGiven” reportable on the JS API. This gives customers the ability have to have consent status reported in our pipeline.

This removed the call for Pubvendors json which 404’s. We removed this call because it isn’t part of our framework yet.


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