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Patterns and their UI inputs (1b of 2b)

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Patterns and their UI inputs.


A pattern in the context of trackermap and web technologies is in reference to how a URL is formed. Many ad technologies use similar domains and paths, but have different jobs. These jobs can range from impression counters to interactive popup windows.


A company that provides tags for multiple jobs will use similar URI’s, but they may have a different query string or path depending on the technology being used.

We categorize all of the different URI’s tracking technologies use by patterns or portions of the URI that never changes regardless of the instance.


Patterns are input via the company data model in 1.2 and are used by trackermap to detect when a tracker is present on a page.

Navigate to 1.2 -> Admin -> Company Data model

Search for the company you’d like to use, or create a new one.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the patterns, the following example shows Google analytics:

Ignoring the escape character ‘\’ , The image above depicts our pattern list for detecting Google Analytics.



If a web page submits a request for ” _utm” (pattern #3)  our tracker map will tell us google analytics was detected.


Patterns are currently vetted and entered by Jeff Wheeler and Team.

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