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Markers used in Translations in UCP

Markers used in Translations in UCP
In UCP, there are three markers that can be included in the Translation fields to pull in varying information on a notice.  

These are:
  • {company}    Inserts the Company name which the notice was created under
  • {consentToolUrl}    Inserts the Url to consent tool with Country Id detected from user's geo
  • {privacyPolicy}    Inserts in the Privacy Policy Url (from Step 3 of Wizard)
Here is what it looks like in the UIYou can see this by navigating to Translations in UCP, by going to Templates & Assets and clicking on Translations. 

 Navigate to translations

You can update a single language at a time by clicking into the language to open the editable fields.  
It will bring you to this screen, where the user can click across into each tab, and edit each field available with desired verbiage.

Translations options screen in the UI
The Default Translation set will include these markers in fields under the Banner, Barrier, Consent Tool, Options Dialog, and GDPR Rights tabs, but the text in these fields is editable to suit your needs.
**We suggest that you make a copy of the Default translation set and make edits to the copy, so that you have a version to roll back to, if an edit makes unwanted changes on your notice.

Example of translation markers in use

The {privacyPolicy} marker points to Step 3 of the wizard, where you can customize the privacy policy links per country for notices.  Customers can also hard code privacy policy links directly in the Translations section of the UI.

Translations privacy policy
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