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Manually Add Vendors in UCP

To manually add vendors to a site notice in the Universal Consent Platform:

1.  Login to privacy.evidon.com
2.  Click on Universal Consent - Manage
3.  Click into the notice that needs to be edited
Manage UCP Notices Screen

4.  Click Next through the tool to Step 4. Consent Tool.  The Consent tool preview is to the right, and that is where you will see the vendors that are pulled in during initial scan or autopopped in.  You can look at the experience at an All Countries or individual country level on the left upper section of the page. 
To manually add vendors, Click into the "Additional Third-party Vendor" field.  Start typing a vendor's name, and click on the correct one.  This will add the vendor to the L3.  
You can re-categorize the vendor, mark it as Essential or Legitimate Interest, or delete it if needed.

Consent Tool Options in UI

Use cases:
A customer may need to manually add vendors to a site notice if they want a static set of vendors and tags to show up on all of their notices.  If this list does not need to change, then the customer would need to request to turn off autopop on the account.  If autopop is enabled, vendors that are manually added will be overwritten by the data found during scanning each time autopop runs.  

A customer might also need to temporarily add vendors to a notice, if their initial scan did not complete before the notice was first set up and saved in the UI.  This will keep the L3 from being empty until the first autopop run is completed - 2-3 week timeline.

**It is advisable to give the initial scan some time to finish before completing and saving a notice in the Privacy UI.  If you get to Step 4, Consent Tool when creating a notice, and you see that no vendors have been pulled in, either there are no trackers found on the page, or the domain is still scanning in the background.  You can check the live page using an extension like Ghostery, or use Trackermap in the  MCM/Tag Auditor tool to run a live scan of the URL.  If vendors should be populating on step 4, click back to the previous step, wait a few seconds, and click next to step 4 again.  This will give a little more time for the scan to finish, and also refresh the screen.  

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