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Legacy script tag attributes

Script Tag Attributes

data-ev-noticeid The site notice id required
data-ev-coid The company id required
data-ev-consent-callback The function to call on consent. We default this to g_consentGiven which we include with the script, but this can be overridden if necessary required
data-ev-consent-expires Allows the default cookie consent duration (10 years) to be overridden. The numeric value represents the number of years to set on the consent cookie for the expiration date optional, defaults to 10

Indicates the types of actions we will accept to indicate consent. The different action types are:

  • close the banner (always indicates consent) - action letter = c
  • navigate to another page of the site - action letter = n
  • scroll the current page - action letter = s
  • click anywhere on the page - action letter = p

The default consent value is cn (click or navigate).

For example, to override the default behavior and force the user to close the banner to indicate consent you would use the following attribute:

optional, defaults to cn
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